The Help

The wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without the folks in this photo. Extra-special thanks (again) to Amity’s immediate family (Jan, Ron, Eddie, Justin) and to my immediate family (Pat, Virgil, Becky). And, of course, my best man Mark deserves a little recognition. And so does my groomsman, Thom. We’re still close friends today.

And again, we miss those no longer with us. Emil, Grandpa English, Cousin Cary and Don Garcia (not pictured). I wish I had a good picture of Don, but I don’t. Don was riding his bike at night without a helmet when he was hit by an unknown someone (may God forgive that person).

Don’t ride without a helmet! Not ever!







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  1. Mom Avatar

    What about Tim? How can I recapture many more pictures? From this site?

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