• Sign Your Life Away

    Of course, after the wedding’s over, you have to sign your life away. I’m glad I signed it over to her.

  • It’s Official

    The organ music made us run. Fast. Really.

  • The Wedding

    The day finally came. September 5, 1998. We both said, “I do,” and we officially started our journey as a family. Tim married us at our home church, Milwaukie Alliance. Let’s see . . . can I remember all the bridesmaids and groomsmen? There was Hannah, Sarah and Jennifer. Mark was my best man. Thom …

  • The Great Fisherwoman

    So, not only did she actually come up to Alaska with me, and not only did she put on all the gear and pose for pictures—she went fishing. In the rain. And she caught some fish, as you can see. This was the first of many trips to Alaska for us. It was always funny …